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Britney Spears Fantasy Gift Set for Women 25.99

Britney Spears 4 Piece Fantasy Perfume Gift set originally 30.99 is no on sale for only 25.99!!!!

This is a super SCREAMIN DEAL!!!!!! Compared to what I usually buy it at and see it advertised for, I HAD TO WRITE ABOUT IT!!!! Usually I see this set at discount price for around 40 dollars!!!! And in 1 oz sets the cheapest I find this gift set is for 19.95! AND THIS SET COMES IN THE 1.7 OZ BOTTLES!!!! AWESOME!!!!

You also have the option of buying this box previously opened for the super discount price of 15.26!

You save a whole 16%!

Also receive FREE shipping and get your new Fantasy 4 Giftset in only 2-3 days!

This cheap Fantasy perfume gift set is my absolute favorite!!!! It is my everyday fragrance and all I ever hear is compliments! And men go nuts for it!!!!

This 4 piece cheap perfume gift set comes with:

1.7oz EDP Spray, 1.7oz Shower Gel, 1.7oz Bubble Bath, 1.7oz Body Souffle

(Body Souffle is Britney’s way of saying beautiful smelling lotion…. 😉 )

Fantasy is one of Britney’s top selling perfumes and is loved by beauty lovers world wide!

This discount fragrance is super flirty and fun! Has a citrus – floral scent too it. I can smell the jasmine so well!

If you use all four products, this scent will last ALL DAY LONG! No joke! It is just so awesome! I have already emailed it to 2 of my girlfriends because it is just too good too be true!!!!

All of Britney Spears perfume is good in my opinion, but for me, this is the best! But also check out Britney Spear Curious Gift Set below at a discounted fragrance price if you like a little less floral smell, I guarantee you will love this fragrance too!

It’s also really hard to find the shower gel and body lotion and almost impossible to find the bubble bath! – so it’s so nice to get it in the gift set!!!!

Check out this amazing deal Fantasy Perfume Giftset why it’s still available!

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Want to check out a scent that is also a gorgeous citrus smell with a musk base? Check out this 2 piece gift set on sale for super cheap right now! ONLY 18.77! Hurry, cause I know there is only 2 in stock! (This is another one of my faves that I have been wearing since I was 14 years old!) SUPER CHEAP CURIOUS GIFT SET ONLY 18.77!

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