Buy Now Pay Later Lilumia 2 New York BUNDLE 162.00 or as Low as 25.00 per Month (REG 179.00)

Get the ultimate brush cleaning system at Lilumia! Only 162.00 dollars and you can set up a pay as you go system!

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Your Cleaning Kit Includes:

Matte Black Lilumia 2 Device, Enhanced Lilumia Cleanser Solution, and 2 Deep Cleaning Disks!

One of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets to fighting against acne prone and blemish free skin is keeping your makeup and spa brushes clean!

Comes with a angled base that drains dirty water asap!

The Lilumia 2 has a stronger motor, improved wash cycle and additional rinse cycle!

Plus added bonus accessory of removable cleaning disc for brushes that need that extra “DEEP CLEAN.”

Also comes with:

Brush holder to lay out and present your brushes right!

1 Measuring cup to get exact right amount of cleaning fluid and water!

A/B Power Adaptor!

1 YEAR WARRANTY! If your cleaner is not up to par, Lilumia makes it right!

Plus this makeup brush cleaner Saves you money!

This revolutionary device cleans up to 12 brushes at a time leaving your brushes silky and soft!

Really cool futuristic design has a clear dome so you can see exactly what step and what brush your Lilumia is cleaning!

“For Professionals, it’s a god send!” – Melissa C. Laguna Hills CA You alleviate space by taking away so many cleaning products and utensils as well as the added bonus of showing your customers that you do things right and they don’t have to worry about grodie brushes or unsafe practices!

You save tons of time and get to spend more time doing the things you love! No more leaving the beach early or skipping that movie you want to see! This cleaning system is truly legit!

Keep your beautiful skin clear and your hard working hands clean! Get your Lilumia today!