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Brown Natural Herbal Henna Cones Temporary Tattoos Body Art 2.98

Get this Awesome Throw Back 90’s Cheap Henna Tube for ONLY 2.98! (Reg 5.84)

You save a whole 49%!

Where did the henna trend go and why did it leave?! I think it left with the 90s but hey! I still rock it and I love these prices!

Give yourself a non permanent tattoo and express yourself!

Henna is made from dried plant and was traditionally used in wedding celebrations and other holidays in traditional Indian culture as well as in Africa.

With henna, you make the art and you chose how you want to express yourself!

After you apply your henna wet, you let it dry for up to an hour and thirty minutes then gently wash or peel it off the skin.

This will leave a semi permanent design on your skin that can last up to 2 weeks depending on the quality and strength as well as how long you let it dry.

Easy tip application makes this henna tube easy to use and precise!

Most people use stencils the first time around, but I love to free draw on my skin!

Try out that tattoo you are thinking about getting with a little practice run to get an idea of how it might look! Or give yourself that huge traditional back piece you have always wanted but are way to chicken to get! LOL! (Like myself).

Voted 4.8 out of 5 stars from 12 verified buyers!

Color is dark brown or a deep red depending on how long you let your henna sit on your skin.

Smell is pleasant and not that strong if the henna is pure and good! If you smell a harsh, chemical fragrance then do not use it! Thankfully, this henna has awesome reviews that say it smells pleasant and all the buyers are verified. (To me it smells like a very subtle scent of dried spices.)

Wait 24 hours after you removed the dried henna from your skin to let the color sink into the skin and it will gradually get darker within this time.

You get this item shipped to you within 1 business day! New Chic does not play around!

Takes 7-20 days to get to the USA!

Easy payment methods! Pay by credit card, paypal and numerous other 3rd party companies!

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Natural White Henna Paste Cone Temporary Tattoo Body Art Tool 6.48

Regularly 12.00!

You get a WHOLE 46% OFF!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars!

This color is truly unique and kinda hard to come buy! I finally found it just now and I have been searching for different henna colors for almost 2 years!

Looks gorgeous on tan and dark skin!

Use exactly like any other henna tube you get!


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