Hairstyles For Teens

Hairstyles For Teens

How to pick out, Style, and Rock the Best Hairstyle as a Teenager


Feeling and looking attractive on the first date, first day of school and on that special Prom night is an important and unforgettable part of every teenagers life!  Teen hairstyles should just help you accentuate your beauty and help boost and aid in your self confidence! One of the many awesome things about being a teen today, is how our youngins are well versed in the digital age! Our teens belong to the highly fashion and image conscious brigade of the 21st century! So most have quite a bit of knowledge about all kinds of latest and hotest teen hairstyles! Being a girl/boy in the teens you’ve got to deal with all kinds of crap where you become terrifically self- conscious about how you look, what you wear and how you carry yourself amongst your friends and peers.
This being said, the way you wear and style your hair can remarkably change the way you look and feel! Learning how to work with your hair and facial structure can add the right angles to your face or can even tone down some of the hardness that your face might otherwise convey! For some teenagers, hairstyles are as important as graduation or getting an “A” on that history final! In fact it is during your teens when you start learning hot to deal with the outside world, make friends and acquaintances, start going out on dates, and some of you even start your career! (Rock on guys!) Teen hairstyles that suit their facial settings and help accent their personal style are what all teenagers (and most adults) look for!
For the most part, teens grab their style ideas like most of us…… from their fave celebrity and / or a celeb they find attractive in style! It is pretty basic in the sense where we all chose from short, medium or long. Being busy with school and an overwhelming amount of activities, it always helps to work with your hair’s texture it being curly, wavy or straight. That way you can do a easy quick style that always looks good, or when you have the time you can go all out with the heating tools and hair spray!
But before deciding on what kind of hairstyle you want to go in for you, pre-consider a few things……. The first thing, chose a style that helps make your life even just a little easier! If it involves a lot of outdoor activities or sports, it’s always easier to have your hair short as you will be taking showers pretty often and it is a lot easier to manage shorter hair than to care for longer hair. Although, this I feel, is a little easier said than done! When young women are bombarded with images of “sexy women” with long hair, it seems that most of us are trying to grow as long as possible! Remember though…… you can always get hair extensions that are clip or tape in! Once you get the hang of them, they are incredibly easy to manage and learning how to deal with them early is awesome and you will thank yourself later on in life! Having hair extensions available gives you endless amounts of styles and looks!

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When going in for your teen hairstyle, find something that truly reflects your personality! You should be keeping in mind that just “any old” hairstyle is no fun! Your hair and the way you style it throws some light on the character of the individual that you are and is a fun way to express yourself! So if you are looking for a feminine, elegant yet sexy look (keep in mind it takes a lot of maintenance….) then  go for some long and luscious locks! If you are looking to reveal your sporty and care-a-damn/I dont F with you! attitude, then a idea is a short and cropped pixie like hair cut!

The next deciding factor while selecting your awesome hairstyle is the type of face you have. Properly styled hair complementing your facial structure along with the cut can work wonders for your beautiful face! Explore and find a good and professional hairdresser that can highlight the essential features while you decide on a particular hairstyle emphasizing on how the hairstyle will make your face attractive. The shape of your face is a major factor on what kind of haircut will look best on you. Google “Face Shapes” or “what shape is my face?” for a easy tool to figure out what your face shape is. You can also get awesome ideas on cuts and styles from figuring out what shape you have and googling the styles that look best with it. Sporting the right kind of hairstyle also shifts the emphasis away from those odd/so-called “ugly” facial features that don’t really add to your looks.
For a very general look at face shapes then there are three kinds of faces – round, long and square and teen hairstyles vary according to these face cuts.If we are going in more depth you will find there are 8 different shapes. They are:


If your face is round, it is a general rule to not go for long, straight hair. Instead it’s better if you opt for  shoulder length hair without any parting keeping it on the “messy look” side of hair styles. By having long and straight hair it would make your face look longer. If your face is longer it is said to give an impression of hardness. The best choice would be to go for a soft hairstyle that would make you look more gentle and soft. It is better to avoid parting and growing your hair to a shoulder-length style. Sporting shorter hair should work and be quite flattering for longer faces. A square face also can make you look hard and cold! So opt for teen hairstyles that have an effect of softening your jaw and facial outline. Shoulder length hair that can be straight or flicking towards the end suits teens with a square face quite well! You can see cuts like this are quite popular and your stylist will definitely help steer you in the right direction!
There is perhaps never a better time when you can pull off very trendy and funky hair styles as when you are a teenager. The teen hair style, while always evolving and reflecting the tastes of the generation, always tends to be a trendy hairstyle that is hard for older people to imitate and still look great. From a ton of texture to funky and fresh color techniques, the teen hairstyle is always at the cutting edge of fashion!
Some of the most funky and cool hairstyles that teenagers love to sport often include short, spiked hair with the top bleached (or bleached and then added color),’ or more tailored “preppy” hair cuts in the  case of most teenage males while long and layered tresses are a top draw among teenage girls and is super fun to play with and style! You will see many “Pixie Cuts” that are hugely popular now and look wonderful on those with thin faces (plus being young your beauty truly shines so you can get away with minimal makeup and having certain features POP! Pixie cuts do this well) and “Ombre Styles” are huge with those with longer hair.


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The funky teen hair style of today looks like it has been taken straight off the runway and gives the feel of youthfulness! Infused with rich, bright and trendy color, the teen hairstyle does a lot to capture an era of style completely. Think of runway looks from the 90’s, 80’s etc and think of the words associated with those styles. Each generation has a “Popular Look” that defines them and that generation. Just think about all of the famous teen hair styles of the past! Complete generations have been defined by the trendy hairstyles worn by their teenagers of that time and helped define the look and feel of that era!

circa 1928: Anita Page, the beautiful film actress and Metro Goldwyn Mayer player is pictured wearing a slinky dress and a sultry smile. (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images)

Hair in the 20’s was beautiful kept and styled! Finger waves and plenty of palmade kept this style a float!!!!

30’s Hair styles were big curls and good girls!

40’s Hair was similar to the 30’s. Big beautiful curls in up do’s and well kept good girl styles were all the rage!!!!

50’s Hair started to get a little more daring…… Pony tails with big curled ends and big and long ringlets was what was “in”!!!!!!

60’s Hair styles is one of my favorite eras of hair and hippie! The pixie cut became cool and “Hair Hoppers” were even cooler!!!!!! Head bands and colorful accessories helped make your style just that much better!

70’s Hair makes me say “God Bless Fara Fauset!!!!” LOL! Big curls blowed out with sun kissed locks made the 70’s hair styles sexy and eye catching! With hair like that, who wouldn’t notice you!?

80’s Hair styles were all about the crimp and tease! The bigger the better and “punk style hair” became trendy and cool!

90’s Hair was a throw back to “bohemian style” and long hippie hair and braids! Dang the 90’s was cool!

The millennium was the year of “Jennifer Anniston hair!” I remember my hair stylist telling me “If I see one more girl who brings in a pic of Jennifer Aniston I’m going to puke!” Little did she know in my stack of pics there was a Jennifer…… LOL! Sleek and grown up with layers was so popular! The millennium also brought about “the hair color pop!” and under hair extensions! Long blonde hair was “in” and not going any where!

Today’s, top teen hairstyles are trendier than ever and cover a wide range of styles, lengths and textures- it is a good day to be a teen! It seems that nothing is off limits when it comes to style! Perhaps for the first time, the teen hairstyle is a reflection of the person within instead of what is popular at the time. I mean just think of how many popular teen hairstyles there are to choose from!? We are no longer like the cookie-cutter generations that have come before us! Giving the feel of if you don’t look “The Right Way” or certain way that “A Good Girl” looks, you would be judged and maybe even defined for it. That’s why we are truly lucky to be living in today’s age of style!  Being young, we truly get to play and discover what we like and think looks best and that my friends, is a HUGE blessing.
While there are a great deal of teen hair styles to choose from and numerous variations of each, it can be hard to find “the perfect” teen hair style to reflect your personal tastes and personality. So, here are a few ideas (and trendy styles) that maybe you want to try for your next teen hair style:
The killer short teen hair style
Now a days, this teen hairstyle has never been more popular or shorter! In fact, many teenage girls are now wearing their hair shorter than the boys! With bold and bright colors or straight bleached! But one thing is always sure; the short teen hairstyle is always  trendy and can stop a room when weared right! Usually this style is full of texture and interest, (or the exact opposite being incredibly straight) the short teen hairstyle is never dull and draws a person in. Making your facial structures like your eyes, cheeks, brows, and smile truly stand out!

Pictures in Order:

  1. 1. Emma Watson sports a layered “choppy look” pixie with highlights and lowlights.
  2. This model sports a pixie with long front and shorter in the back. Playful light purple color that is extremely popular right now.
  3.  Michelle Williams made the pixie popular once more! 60’s Style bleach,straight and neat makes this pixie style envyable!
  4.  Rihanna sports a pixie with jet black hair and bangs. Having short hair really shows off her beauty and confidence!

Probably the most popular short teen hair style of today is the beloved, ever changing variation on the pixie cut. Only about 1″ to 1 ½” in length, this hairstyle for teens can be heavily textured or  worn in several different ways. From super rigid liberty esq spikes and soft funky close-to-the-head tresses, this teen hair style accommodates a wide range of tastes. This style truly makes a statement and shows a person’s self confidence.
The not so tamed and textured teen hair style
No matter what length your locks are, texture is gorgeous and often is taken for granted when coming to trendy teen hairstyles!  Texture can be created through cutting and razoring techniques, (cutting up with scissors on the ends or using a blade to create a “chopped” look), or it can be natural as in the case of those with natural curl or wavy hair. It can also be created chemically through perms and relaxers or thermal styling tools. When using chemicals or thermal hair styling tools, remember that quality counts! Getting cheap products for your hair can hurt your style and is usually one of the many hard lessons we learn when dealing with the expenses of hair! Being young usually means being broke…… So save up! You will thank yourself in the long run for not buying crappy product that only hurts your hair and can straight ruin a style you want to create!
Today’s teen hair style is never boring! Even when you think of a teen who is considered “square” or “vanilla”, these teens still tend to have plenty of texture and layers that make their hair look anything but dull! Not only does texture liven up your teen hairstyle, it can also take a popular style and make it uniquely your own! Take for instance a simple layered teen hair style. Falling about shoulder length, this teen style would be style less if left to just hang straight. But if you take the same cut, add pomade to texturize the ends or add spiral curl to this teen hair style with tube rollers or a nice curling iron, you could really have a different teen hair style each and every day! Making life fun and feeling free to explore what looks best on you and what makes you feel confident!

Pictures in order:

  1. Long, beautifully layered hair with unique color looks amazing and sexy!
  2. Amanda Singfield rocks long well kept blonde curls with no frizz!
  3. Alicia Keys kills it with super textured corn rows that make anyones style super funky and fresh!
  4. This model is wearing shoulder length hair that has choppy layers and plenty of style!
  5. Selena Gomez has her teen hair style as the super popular long braid that you can get with a add on piece or use your own hair if its long enough!
  6.  Intricate fish tail braid looks stunning and lovely on long hair! You could also rock this braid with a add on hair piece or if you have grown out your hair that long you are a goddess! / God!


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Every trendy hairstyle needs some color for that extra “POW!” or to really bring out what you want your personal style to look like! Adding color can be as simple as a few high or lowlights and can come in the form of dramatic changes such as dark colors for the “Gothic look” or bright blonde highlights for a “preppy” or “cheerleader” look! Color for the teen hairstyle can also be a intense and dramatic statement all in itself! Just look at the colors worn by Pink, Iggy, Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera! Their most popular teen hair style cuts were not really anything that unique, it was their color that set them apart from others and made people look!

Pictures in order of appearance:

  1. Pink with bright blonde mohawk.
  2. Iggy has pink hair completely dyed all the way through.
  3. Christina Aguilera is the queen of having bleach blonde hair with brightly colored ends! Here she is sportin bright red ends.
  4. Demi Lovato has completely nailed fashion colored and styled hair! Not only is her blue absolutely stunning, the cut is super funky and cool! Nicely done Demi!!!!!!

When choosing color for your teen hair style do not be afraid to try something funky, unique and breathtaking! This may be the only time in your life that you can get away with blue hair or pink fade highlights! So do it if your heart desires! Live without regret! Also, do not become wrapped up in choosing the same color for your hairstyle that you have seen worn by the so called “popular” people. Stay unique,true to yourself, venture out, and be brave! By doing this, you will always have a teen hair style (and respectful personality) worthy of envy!
When going in for your teen hairstyle, find something that truly reflects your personality! You should be keeping in mind that just “any old” hairstyle is no fun! Your hair and the way you style it throws some light on the character of the individual and is a fun way to express yourself! So if you are looking for a feminine, elegant yet sexy look (keep in mind it takes a lot of maintenance….) then  go for some long and luscious locks! If you are looking to reveal your sporty and care-a-damn/I dont F with you! attitude, then you can wear a short and cropped pixie like hair cut. Whatever you chose, don’t feel bad if it does not go the way you wanted or you even feel disappointed. It happens to all of us! Always remember, hair grows back! If someone messes it up or it just does not look right on you, we can always change it up by styling it different and growing it out! Being a teen right now is fun! So enjoy it!

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