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Jurlique Jasmine and Citrus Body Care Lotions 23.00


Smoothes and hydrates skin that is damaged or cracked without any pain or side effects!

Leaves skin smooth and subtle!

Aromatherapy helps soothe the senses while citrus body care lotion gives you a much needed zap of energy!

Leaves your skin truly “glowing!”

Special light weight formula.

Provides extremely long lasting hydration!

Provides antioxidant protection!

Ideal for after shower or bath! Full body lotion can be used in the most intimate of places!

These are some of the MANY reasons I absolutely love and adore this company: (On top of how they provide top notch quality product that works!):

  • With the company’s goal being “connecting people back to nature” Dr Jürgen Klein, a biochemist, and his wife Ulrike, a botanist, (owners of the company), have always been true and strong believers in the healing power of Mother Nature. They wanted to create a true and pure natural skin care line that used herbs and homeopathy.
  • Because of this vision, Jurlique wanted to use only the purest of ingredients, so they started their own farm in beautiful and pure, unspoiled Adelaide Hills in South Australia.
  • Because Jurlique has their own farm, you are guaranteed the most high quality and potent/effective herbs to make your beauty products truly remarkable and healing!
  • Jurlique’s ingredients still come from this same farm today!
  • Jurlique is committed to minimising their environmental footprint! They review their process from seed to skin, making operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly!
  • Jurlique has saved over 2,000kL of water every year by transporting it from their factory to the Jurlique farm!
  • Jurlique has saved 1,102 trees by reducing our carbon emissions by 20% (and counting!).
  • Implemented 260 solar panels on our farm and warehouse producing 65KW of energy per year!
  • Transitioned some of the old aluminium tubes used in packaging to plastic packaging, eliminating 70% of waste during production! Saving four trees every 1,000kg of product Jurlique produces. Yay Yay Yay!
  • The Jurlique farm is certified biodynamic*, a farming method which goes beyond organic!- farming by working in harmony with nature to grow plants that are healthy, potent, happy and pure! Jurlique plants are free from artificial fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, and they always make sure to harvest them when they’re naturally at their peak!

If this won’t sell you- I don’t know what will! LOL! 😉

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