The Many Ways to Get Rid Of Cellulite

From Creams to Good Ol’ Diet and Excersize!

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What is one of the worst words you can say to a woman….? Cellulite! It is considered one of the naughty words that women don’t wish to speak about or even utter…. But when it comes to getting rid of it, women seem to speak about it non stop! In this article I’m going to go over some of the most simple easy ways to help you get rid of the insightly cottage cheese! Cellulite reduction maybe hard, but it is achievable! This article can give you an insight into everything you’ve ever wanted to know about alternatives for cellulite reduction.

When we think of cellulite reduction, we mostly think liposuction! Both costly and very invasive. With the rare exception, liposuction is generally considered cosmetic surgery. For this reason liposuction is not considered as medically necessary in any way. And this is why you cannot get insurance to cover it (even if you have extreme weight issues.)

Because the decision is up to you whether or not to undergo liposuction procedure. This might be one of the many reasons you decide it may not be the right fit for you.  One great thing about it is that you can make that determination right up to the point of actually having the procedure (for the most part.) Make sure to do all your due diligence in finding a good doctor and clinic! We have all heard the horror stories and it is quite scary! Ask around, read reviews and make sure to do a background check on your doctor to see if he is legit! It is not worth being in pain for the rest of your life to have a little fat removed from the back of your legs…. Plus, there are cellulite removal alternatives! Check them out below!


Alternatives to Liposuction or Major Surgery

  • Exercise – Hop on the treadmill! Do cardio and exercises that get your heart rate elevated and make you sweat!
  • Accept Yourself – You are made from our Creator, so I know you are truly beautiful and you should too! Do activities that elevate your self esteem or things that make you truly happy and the unique person you are!
  • Change your diet – There are many easy fix and crash diets out there, but make a overall lifestyle change with your diet! Avoid as much sugar and unhealthy foods as you can!
  • Use clothing and makeup to ether downplay or emphasize your body – Use body slimmer products (like Spanks) and contouring techniques to have shadows that make you appear thinner.  
  • Use things like Creams, topicals, and wraps – You can get special spa treatments or find products that you can use at home!


Whatever method you select for cellulite reduction make certain that, you have done your due diligence and select the most suitable method with the least amount of risk to obtain the results you desire.


There really is no alternate for good, old-fashioned, healthy nutrition and exercise. The tried and true methods do work! Try these suggestions and tips to get a good start:

  1. Watch your diet. – speak with your doctor to figure out the right nutrition plan for you.
  2. Incorporate fresh and natural foods into your diet – Shop in the produce section!
  3. Get plenty of fiber – Make a daily diet plan and plan out your meals for the day and what you are going to eat to meet your fiber goal.
  4. Avoid high fat foods – Make a diet plan and avoid eating out and fast food restaurants!
  5. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration – Look up and speak with your Doc to see what is recommended for you and your body type.
  6. Limit the consumption of caffeine and alcohol – Start by just cutting out a cup of coffee a day!
  7. Quit or cut down on smoking – Do research and get support from the community! You will be surprised just how much love and support you will receive to make this process easier and less intense!
  8. Get plenty of exercise – Find what you enjoy most so it does not feel like a chore or dreadful to go and do! Whatever gets you moving and brings you joy is what will work best!
  9. Avoid medications not necessary to health and well being – Take a look at what you are taking and cut out the unnecessary! Make sure to consult a physician before you do so. .
  10. Make a plan with your Doctor and Nutritionist – Make sure to ask questions and do research on what you  find interesting and what you believe would work best for you.
  11. Hire a personal trainer –  Any additional exercise help can only be for the better! Make sure to ask around (try your local gym and friends/family) to find a good personal trainer for you.


You can rid your body of excess toxins and promote a general state of health by following a regimen of good nutrition and exercise that is optimum for pursuing any program for dealing with cellulite! It seems to be a easy thing for most to put on but a much harder thing to eliminate! By having a good plan and support you can reach your cellulite reduction goals as well as achieve a better overall well being!

Of course there is also all the new scrubs, wraps, creams and lotions to help with cellulite removal too! (and believe me, they do work!) One of the best examples I have of cellulite reduction is when I was taking a spa class at school. We did a cellulite removal technique that is called “dry brushing.” We worked on a woman for 4 weeks, 1 session a week, 3 times a week only on the back of the left leg and buttocks. After the four weeks was over, you could completely tell the difference! Here is where you can purchase a dry brush and book on the technique:

Dry Brushing: A guide to improving your skin and health through dry brushing detoxification 14.95

This book is a well thought out, complete guide on how to use the dry brushing technique as well as why you should! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

100% Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush with Contoured Wooden Handle 6.10

I suggest this brush because of the handle and its shape! It is the type of style brush I learned with and it is very east to use and provided results!


Below is the scrub we used in my Spa Techniques class as well as a few well rated other ones:

Calily Premium 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub 8.8 Oz. – Achieve Smooth and Firm Skin – Deep Hydrating, Exfoliating and Cleansing – Helps Against Wrinkles, Cellulite 7.95

This is the stuff that provided the results! Affordable and lasts quite a while, you will get a lot of bang for your buck! CLICK HERE TO CHECK THIS AMAZING SCRUB OUT!


This scrub is all natural and made by a independent company in the USA. It has the calming herb lavender to relax and soothe the body as well as stimulate the lymph system to remove toxins and create blood flow! On sale from 33.99 you are getting a super good deal from one of my fave companys in the biz!

Mio Shrink To Fit Cellulite Smoother 3.4 Oz 56.00

  • reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • tightens and firms skin to reduce dimpling
  • elasticises skin’s support structure to smooth orange peel

Get some serious results with this scrub! Use daily and see results within a week! This product also comes with a specialized “Mio Massage Technique” that is suggested whenever you use this product and comes with a how to guide on instructions on how to do so. This product is not playing around!

Bliss Fat Girl Scrub 8 Oz 38.00

Use this scrub to stimulate blood flow and get things moving to get that cellulite outta here! Comes with a whole line of products includeing lotion and tools to really help remove that fat!



Next up is the incredible wrap way! Give yourself the movie star treatment cellulite removal technique at home! A spa technique you can do at home to lose inches and cellulite is a spa wrap! Super fun and luxurious, to make it easy you will need the assistance of another individual but it is possible to do it on your own! This is a technique where you wrap the body (or targeted part of the body like the belly and is section) and wrap it in a heat generating plastic wrap or like material. Here are a couple of the products used in a at home wrap as well as the wrap itself. Make sure to follow directions provided on each product!

M’Lis Weight Loss Body Wrap 1 roll 17.00

Use this product for all your wraps and see results! Holds product and heat well so you can get the job done easy!

Nia 24 Intensive Recovery Complex, 1.7 fl. oz. 118.00

Although expensive, a little of this goes a super long ways! The NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex helps your skin in a number of ways. It strengthens your skin’s barrier and improves skin texture, skin tone and fights against hyper-pigmentation. In addition, the complex penetrates the skin’s layers and locks in moisture so that your skin looks fuller and well-hydrated. The ingredients also protect the skin against free radicals attack. The Intensive Recovery Complex uses all natural ingredients.

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask (100 ml) 22.98

This will help firm and soothe your skin! CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE!

Molivera Organics Bentonite Clay for Detoxifying and Rejuvenating Skin and Hair, 16 oz. 11.47

  • Increases Blood Flow and brings life back into to skin giving a Radiant Glow.Rejuvenates skin and hair with Minerals to make skin and hair Healthier and Better looking.


And of course last but not least you can get some really killer creams and lotions that actually work! Some by firming and adding color, others by using stimulating ingredients (a lot like scrubs) like caffeine. I start with one of my favorite lotions that I have been using myself around 2-3 times a week after showering that firms and adds color (color helps hide the look of cottage cheese ish fat) and is also affordable!


Jergens Natural Glow 7.99

Awesome lotion that I started seeing results from almost right away! Paired with exercise and good diet, I lost over 50 pounds and have actually kept it off! Im not the only one who uses it! My girls do too!

Fake Bake Lipo Bronze 30.00

self-tanning lotion designed to smooth the texture of skin. Made with very specific anti-cellulite ingredients, Lipo Bronze helps to measurably diminish the appearance of cellulite by promoting lipid release from fatty storage and combating the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin. Other ingredients work to firm skin and promote elasticity when used repeatedly. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Bliss Fat Girl Slim 6 Oz 36.00


Body Lift Cellulite Control 51.00

  • A groundbreaking body slimming treatment
  • Helps prevent & correct the appearance of cellulite at every level
  • Helps slow down the appearance of new cellulite & preserve previous slimming results
  • Blended with caffeine to reduce very stubborn cellulite
  • Helps maximize the draining effect with the Self-Massage Body Contouring Method
  • Infused with Sunflower phospholipids to enhance hydration
  • Reveals sleeker, re-defined body contours

Remember, you are beautiful even with fat. But there are plenty of products out there to help remove cellulite! With a combination of good diet, exercise and product treatment you can create the body you want!