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Rose Hand Cream Hand Picked 2017 20.00

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Get Jurlique Limited Edition 2017 Luxurious Rose Hand Picked Hand Cream on Sale Now for ONLY 20.00 Dollars!

This completely Limited Edition 2017 Handpicked Rose Cream from Jurlique normally goes for the price of 34.00 dollars! Cheap Beauty Deals followers get this stunning, light but powerful Rose Hand Cream for 14.00 dollars off the Limited Edition 2017 price!

This year, Jurlique’s Limited Edition features the beautiful and powerfully healing 1,800 Rose gallica bushes at the Jurlique Farm, which were completely hand picked in January of this year! You can literally feel the love that went into crafting each bottle of the Handpicked Rose Cream!

You will not just feel like a movie star using the most top quality Rose scent cultivated from the Jurlique farm, (this makes the Jurlique brand a real special skincare company. Each scent is unique to the Jurlique Rose Hand Cream ONLY! You will find no other like it because there is no other like it! This Rose is ONLY grown from the Jurlique Farm making it top quality and absolutely one of a kind! 🙂 ) but you will also see this deluxe version of the iconic hand cream deeply moisturize your dry hands to restore them back to ultimate smoothness! Making sure to leave your skin a marvelous and beautifully soft masterpiece that is perfectly and delicately scented!


Limited Edition Rose Hand Cream Hand Picked 2017:

  • deeply hydrating
  • Leaves your skin feeling mega soft
  • Leaves skin feeling supple like a newborn baby!
  • Deeply moisturises dry hands
  • Restores smoothness
  • You can use as many times as needed!
  • This year’s limited edition Rose Hand Cream celebrates the  beauty and scent of the 1,800 amazing Rose gallica bushes at the Jurlique Farm in beautiful and idyllic Adelaide Hills of South Australia
  • The Adelaide Hills are Pristine and unspoiled, making the rolling hills ideal for growing the purest Roses!
  • Giving you the best and purest results in your new 2017 Limited Edition Rose Hand Cream!
  • Jurlique grows Roses organically to keep them as pure as possible
  • When they reach their natural peak, Jurlique will gently pick them by hand, and create concentrated extracts right there at the Jurlique Farm!
    B/c of the wet and cloudy growing conditions over winter, the Roses had a late start and a tough go! B/c of this the Roses flourished quite late. But when they did finally come out to play, they managed to defy the tough conditions, and show strength and resilience that many associate with this beautiful flower! and come summer, the Rose petals revealed more vibrant colors compared to last year, and were divinely fragrant!
  • That’s what makes this very special hand cream a truly limited edition baby! – one that could only have been created by Mother Nature, and will never be repeated in the same way ever again!
  • The unique and beautiful packaging is mirrored after the beautiful vibrant petal colors of the Jurlique Roses this year Yellow, Pink, Red and White. Not loud, but perfectly noticeable, you will be able to spot it in your dark bathroom or the bottom of your purse and is perfect Deluxe Size for traveling.
  • Making this the year to try Jurlique’s Limited Edition Rose Hand Cream (and the many other Rose Aromatherapy and Skincare products Jurlique has to offer!)
    Know that Jurlique is such an amazing company that you can feel good about getting behind and supporting!

Jurlique is:

  • committed to minimising their environmental footprint each day
  • Always reviewing their  process from seed to skin to make operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Jurlique saves 2,000kL of water every year by transporting it from the factory to their farm just down the road to help the company’s plants grow
  • Jurlique saved 1,102 trees by reducing carbon emissions by 20% (and counting!)
  • Using Solar Energy has been HUGE for Jurlique! The company has implemented 260 solar panels on their farm and warehouse producing 65KW of energy per year! Solar Energy BB!!!!!!
  • Transitioned their old aluminium tubes to plastic packaging eliminating 70% of wastage during production and saving four trees every 1,000kg of product that the company produces!
  • Jurlique believes that when it comes to skin care, health and wellbeing, nature is the answer and one of the BEST answers out there! Nature has the ultimate power to create, nurture and soothe. Believing herbs and plants are powerful tools and the same way they can heal, can also harm. So it’s important to have a good company like Jurlique that actually cares and knows about what they are doing!
  • The company is founded (and still in operation today) by a married couple who is a Doctor and a Scientist. (I know! Perfect right!? It’s to good to be true! Well, my beauty loving friend, i’m here to tell you, it’s not!)
  • From seed to harvest, Jurlique will nurture the plants, so they can nurture your skin!
    Jurlique’s Farmand Products are Certified biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia
  • Starting from little baby seeds, Jurlique will nurture their seeds using all-natural biodynamic and organic methods all the way to the day where the plants are ready for Harvest, where they will be handled with love and care, hand  picked by Jurlique the day that they are ready to help heal your skin
  • Jurlique will then extract their own ingredients to make their own World Famous healing products!And if that does not sell you- I don’t know what will! 😉 Actually, wait….. Read what I have below!

And if that does not sell you- I don’t know what will! 😉 Actually, wait….. Read what I have below!

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