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TAYLOR SWIFT Wonderstruck 3.4 oz EDP 3 Piece Gift Set for woman 29.99

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This beautiful scent by Taylor Swift is now in a 3 piece gift set and on sale FOR ONLY 29.99!

Regularly 69.00 dollars!

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Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck first came out in 2012 and Taylor says that she made and formulated this fragrance based on her life at the time.

It is a very bold but light and authentic scent, just like Taylor!

Beautifully packaged and bottled, very colorful with just a little bit of silver and gold sparkle to stand out! You won’t want to get rid of your bottles or packaging!

Not only is the box special, the bottles that hold Wonderstruck are truly bold and unique! They have a magical glow of a rainbow finish that has NEVER before been used in the fragrance industry!

The deep purple bottle that houses this whimsical fragrance is adorned by a Moravian star, dove, and birdcage charm that Taylor hand picked (as well as the bottle) to give her special touch and love to this one of a kind Taylor Swift creation!

This is a perfect fragrance for date night or to wear everyday!

Young and flirty, uplifting and fun!

Top notes of citrus with a well rounded bottom of deep florals like lavender and jasmine.

This set Includes:

3.4 oz Wonderstruck, 3.4 oz Body Lotion, and 0.50oz. Mini

Basicly, a full bottle, a travel size perfume and your own body lotion!

It’s like getting 2 free gifts of lotion and a bonus Wonderstruck perfume!!!!

This gift set is truly a HUGE value! Normally this set goes for at least around 50.00 dollars all over the internet and shopping stores!

Very pretty set. The Taylor Swift fan in your life will be very happy!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars!