Women’s Perfume Deals Online in 2017

There is no doubt in the beauty industry and Pop culture today, perfume is popular and ALWAYS will be! The fragrance industry alone makes more than 10 billion a year! That says something in itself!  Perfume has been here since ancient times…… Why do you ask? Because people love to always smell good and be attractive to the opposite sex! (Or same, depending on who and what attracts you.) Plus, it’s not only that, it is also related to pheromones (a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by a human or an animal that has a affecting behavior or physiology of others or of its species.) Making it an easy sell and always a perfect gift for a loved one or that special someone.  


Through the years, hundreds of brand perfumes have been introduced to the market! All seem to smell good to some, but appaling to others! However, there are only some that remain in the market and have been all-time favorites by many and are worn by people all over the world as well as endorsed by some of the famous and well-known personalities of all time!


Different strokes for different folks! Perfume strikes everyone’s olfactory (smell) system differently. Some like strong and some like very mild. Despite this, the tastes for perfumes always have a point where almost everybody’s tastes seem to meet and complement! These are irregardless of price because both ordinary and above ordinary like them! If it’s of the past, present, or future all walks of life seem to always like these hit fragrances! The top 6 ranked by Cheap Beauty Deals are listed below! Enjoy, and if gift giving, you wont go wrong! In no particular order:


*Britney Spears FANTASY

With this fragrance it seems to me that it is at the top of everyone’s list men and women alike! If you are going on a date, or just hitting the town to shop, it seems this fragrance gets everyone’s head to turn! Part of the reason that it has top and bottom notes of floral (like jasmine) but also of musk. Making it very well rounded for any skin type! It’s released under Elizabeth Arden and it Britney’s 2nd release. I would say it is one of the most sexy and flirty fragrances I have come by ever! Young and vibrant but not to “little girl”. For a 3.3 oz at 22.19 it will last you forever and for the price you just cant go wrong! Click here to check it out!  It is also excellent in gift sets! You can receive huge 3 packs of body wash, lotion (Britney calls it Body Souffle) and the perfume on its own. And for even one more step up…. You can find it online with a mini roll on perfume too for only 20.81 CLICK HERE! (I keep mine in my purse.)

I have found this gift set for only 18.00 dollars online before! Right now, you can get it for If you use all 3 products at once, (the Fantasy perfume, lotion and body wash) Watch out! You can get all 3 in the big bottles(3.3 oz) plus free shipping for only 36.99 by clicking here!

Get expected to be hit on and your friends to be jealous! The compliments will not stop! Try it out…. You won’t be disappointed!  


* Chanel No. 5

A classic and a knock out! This scent is “pure woman!” (in my opinion!) Making it one of the sexiest womens perfumes ever! Also one of the most popular perfumes of all time! It was created by Coco Chanel in 1921 and has never gone out of style! One of the most famous personalities who claim to love this perfume is none other than the bodacious blonde Marilyn Monroe. In an interview Miss Marilyn said she wouldn’t wear any perfume to bed but Chanel No. 5. So sexy right!? It has a deep feminine “grownup” smell. Smells super clean but not like citrus cleaning product. Deep musk with a citrus top note, you can’t go wrong with this baby! Plus it has the stick power that lasts more than 24 hours! And not just because Marilyn and many other well loved celebs, because it’s a timeless classic that never goes out of style! Take Marilyn’s word for it and click here to jump in bed with Chanel No. 5 for Cheap! Plus free shipping!

*Curious by Britney Spears

Fruity and floral Scent that is not just the face of a famous pop star, it’s well loved by men and women all over the world! It is one of the top selling wones perfumes of all time! The perfect well rounded fun blend that is casual yet sexy, just like Fantasy! This was Britney’s first scent she released and has sold over 3 billion dollars worth of it sense! There is something that is just so incredible about this scent….. My bestie wears it and I do too! LOL! I started wearing it when it first came out when I was a freshman in highschool and have not stopped wearing it sense! It reminds me of summer and of being a teenager but you can truly wear it at any age! (My bestie is over 50 and gets non stop compliments on it all the time!) Heck, I’m 31 and still rock it! This scent is also excellent in the discount arena just like Fantasy….. You can find it for super cheap and get 3 products for the price of 1! Get the gift set for only 28.00 by clicking here! Its super strong in the sense that it has excellent stay power, but it won’t give you a headache! Plus you can wear it like a body mist. Spray it after a shower and all over before you go out! Its one of my signature scents and I really can’t say enough good things about it!


Created by Dolce and Gabbana in 2001 it’s surprising that it’s really not that old considering just how incredibly popular Light Blue is! This perfume is just like the name Light and beautiful! This perfume has a sweeter fragrance that creates its delightful scent. Will draw compliments and is a scent that you can wear any time any place! This is perfect for both young and old, just like its notes! With a combination of Cedarwood and jasmine, Dolce and Gabbana new what they were doing! Quoted to evoke the feelings of a “Sicilian Summer” for me it does just that! Simple and sleek packaging, it is just as easy looking as the smell! Check out this cheap gift set for only 68.59! You receive a 3.3 oz perfume, body cream and shower gel! Normally the perfume alone costs around 60.00! Get it why you can! Click Here! Get the perfume on its own here!



This is a staple scent for the day time date! Super citrus, super floral, this scent is a incredible balance of feminine yet masculine! Fresh and uplifting. You can also always find it at affordable price and with a killer free gift! CLINIQUES signature scent has had major staying power and fans from all over the world! Check out its 2 sister fragrances (CLINIQUE Happy in Bloom and CLINIQUE Happy Heart.) Also popular but has not quite hit the popularity mark like the original Happy. Ready for a smile? It truly is HAPPY!


*Beyonce Heat Rush

You ready to feel sexy!? This scent embodies it! Perfect for a date night, this scent is spicy and sweet! Perfect combo! Combination of neroli, almond and musks makes Beyonce Heat Rush irresistible! But also affordable! You can pick this awesome fragrance up on the internet for as low as 12.24! At Perfumania you get 30% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING WITH EVERY ORDER BY CLICKING HERE!

And that’s the big bottle! (3.4 oz) Made by Designer house of Beyonce in 2010, this perfume has not left the market and is not any time soon! You will have people saying “Dang Beyonce smells good! Oh wait!, You do too!” Super fiery catching bottle with bright orange and gold, you will never miss place this bad boy! So you will always be smelling superb!