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Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray 9.00

Get Urban Decay’s Special Technology Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray for ONLY 9.00-18.00 Dollars! (Reg 31.00)

Save 13.00 dollars on this amazing setting spray from Urban Decay!

This high end spray has perfect bottle and cap to get a full coverage mist!

This will be the perfect tool you need to give your makeup the ultimate in stay power!

Weightless and specially designed! Urban Decay partnered with SKINDINAVIA to develop this amazing spray!

This team created a spray with groundbreaking technology!

This spray actually lowers the temperature of your makeup and skin so your foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer stays in place easier!

You are covered in ANY weather condition! Cold and windy to hot and humid – your makeup is staying in place!

Clinically tested! This setting spray is good for ALL skin types!

The results are hot and vibrant makeup that lasts ALL DAY!

Won’t melt off!

Does not fall into fine lines giving you that “cakey” look!

No parabens or sulfates!

Does not leave your skin feeling tight!

This spray is smooth without the “sticky” feeling of other setting sprays on the market!

Sprayer gives a micro-fine spray mist that goes on incredibly fine! You will barely feel it!

Once applied – you won’t even know it’s there baby!

In a clinical study after only 7 days users noticed:

80% of participants said that not only did their makeup look better, it stayed on better and did not fall into any fine lines! (Even in the T zone!)

78% of participants said their makeup lasted up to 16 hours! Heck Yeah!

88% with combination, oily or combination skin was the best product on the market to make their makeup look better!


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