What the F!? Beauty Holographic Makeup Trend

The 3 main Holographic Makeup Items Featured and Reviewed in the What the F!? Beauty Holographic Makeup Trend Video:

MILK Holographic Lip Gloss COLOR: Mars – iridescent golden peach 24.00


Like Milk Makeup’s best selling Holographic Sticks, (and I must say, I can see why! These MILK Holographic Makeup Sticks are AMAZEBALLS! No Joke.) Holographic Lip Gloss is packed with meteorite powder and twilight pearls to launch your look outta this World! (At least that’s what it’s supposed to do…… The Mars color, just did not do it for me!) With avocado oil, coconut oil, and mango butter, the all natural company uses these ingredients to really pack this iridescent lip gloss with a boost of hydration! That being said, it really truly is comfortable to wear. This Holographic Lip Gloss can be worn on its own everyday without being to “out there.” Or, for an otherworldly sheen,  as a top coat layered over any lip color to create a prismatic new hue.



Wet N Wild Limited Edition Megaglo Highlighting Powder – 34882 Color: Lilac to Reality 9.88

This Mega Glo Holographic Highlighter comes from the Queen of My Heart Limited Edition Collection from the amazing and always awesome compamy Wet N Wild! Wet N Wild has really been stepping it up this year with the quality and higher range of cosmetics this year! and us beauty lovers can’t wait to see what’s coming next!!!! The Lilac to Reality LE Mega Glo Highlighter is a Dual toned powder that is silky smooth and highly-pigmented. Just like the other Mega Glo Highlighting Powders from Wet N Wild, Lilac to Reality features the same gorgoeus, light formula!  Gives the ultimate perfect Holographic all over glow when applied to the cheek bones, brow bone and cupid’s bow! This highlighter is buzzed about all over the beauty blogs and beyond! and I know why! Its amazing! Nothing but good things to say! The Full size is .19 Oz/5.4 g. As always it is Factory sealed and Wet N Wild is ALWAYS Certified Cruelty-Free!



Jesse’s Girl Glow Stix Holographic Lip Gloss Color: Tangerine 4.99 

Wow! That’s pretty much all I got to say about that…… LOL! This is probably the best Holographic Lipgloss on the market for the Quality and the Price! It’s light weight, beautiful shine, no taste. Perfect! Plus, you can chose from 3 different kinds that have 3 different sifts! Tangerine has a iridescent finish with a yellow and green holographic shift. (Wicked has a blue/green sift and Red Dawn has a red/orange sift). This stuff truly is the business! Wear it alone for a more subtle look or over a liquid lipstick to get some real head turners! (I speak from experience 😉 ) Has a easy to use, regular ‘Ol Doe foot applicator and is 1.5ml. 


THIS MAKEUP TREND has been building for a little over a year now and it just does not seem to want to quit! First being only seen in America on certain Eyeshadows and Blush finishes, it seemed along w/ unicorn mania. came a love for all makeup of the “holographic” sort. Now it has taken over everything OF THE MOMENT! We are now seeing HOLOGRAPHIC LIPS (becoming super huge along with Holographic Glitter Lip top Coats) and Holographic HIGHLIGHTERS. With new holographic cosmetics coming out (what seems like every second! 😉 ) often,  HOLOGRAM MAKEUP does not look like it is going anywhere, anytime soon!

But what truly is “Holographic Makeup”? Good Question Right!? 🙂 This exact question got me thinking,……. Thinking back on my own collection of “holographic makeup”, so much of it (at least in my mind) does not even seem to look holographic!!!!  Some beauty brands claim to have holographic beauty products, but they really just have some silver glitter sprinkled in to their formula with a shimmer finish! So here is where I start my journey … What is the exact definition of “Holographic Makeup”!?

holographic in British

(ˌhɒləˈɡræfɪk  )


of, relating to, or produced using holograms; three-dimensional

Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers


I know I know! This is not the definition of “Holographic Makeup!” But it is impossible to find!!!!! Check out this definition from Urban Dictionary:



Rainbows and rainbows and rainbows captured in glitters.

Can be in nail polish or on boards.

simplynailogical is the holographic queen.


Holo is prettier than me.

When it comes to Holographic Makeup and Holographic Cosmetics, your holographic products should change color In response to light, and depending on its direction, it not only just changes color but has a certain block color effect that is super cool! When you grab the product you are interested in, try to get into the brightest light possible and first turn your product all the way to the right and give it a good look, and the same all the way to the left. What do you see? A good holographic beauty product will be one specific color when turned to the right, and a completely different one turned to the left! With a mix or rainbow combo when you look at it straight on with varying combined blend of these colors when you turn it in degrees between! I think this is why it has been so hard for companies to master “True” Holographic Makeup. Because even looking at the definition, it comes from a 3 dimensional object/hologram! To get a rainbow product that it is not a cosmetic glitter or just a rainbow block, other then maybe lip gloss finishes, I don’t personally even remember seeing holographic products before this year!

With Holographic products and looks being one of the most trendy Instagram and Beauty Looks of 2017, who hasn’t at least thought of grabbing a holographic beauty product or two?  Is holographic makeup a terrible beauty decision or pure beauty look success!? The super popular holographic makeup right now is the makeup with a purple – bluish tone, extremely rainbow and of course GLITTER!

So how do we achieve a look that actually is flattering or at least tolerable? Here are a couple examples taken from some of the top makeup artists for your holographic makeup experiments…..;)


  1. Swipe holographic highlighter along your cheekbones first and foremost. If you love highlighter, this is a super fun holographic product to try and is actually really pretty and can give you a gorgeous glow that is not totally costumey & you can wear as a everyday look! When using a stick or tube holographic highlighter, swipe your Holographic Highlighter in an upward motion starting just above the apple of your cheek and working your way toward your temple – make sure to not use too much product or press to hard at first! (We can always apply more! It is so much harder to remove it and re apply!). Use your fingers to help blend in your highlight for a makeup look that’s subtler but also will help melt your product making it a ton much easier to blend into your skin! If your going for a powder Holographic Highlight, use a fan brush and then a clean blush brush/powder brush to blend in for the perfect holographic highlighter glow! Rock only your highlighter with a little mascara or try adding your holographic Highlight just on the tip top of your cheekbones with any look for a gorgeous purple/green glow!
  2. Holographic High!

This is one of the most popular Holographic looks that has blown up all over the beauty blogs and instagram! It’s a super easy way to wear holographic highlighter but also once you get it down it can be a incredibly fast and easy look to rock! You start by applying your highlighter to the high points of your cheekbones. Extend into a “V like Shape” going around your eyes like pictured- . This look is awesome on its own with just a coat of mascara or rock it with full faced makeup!


  1. Holographic Glitter, Let’s get ready to Paaaaaarrrrrtay!

Glitter is huge, huge HUGE this year in beauty trends! So no wonder it hasn’t crossed over to blur into the Holographic Makeup Trend too!? Holographic Glitter is a real show stopper and perfect for a party or when your in the feeling to truly draw some attention! But remember, to much can make you look like a total disco ball! To avoid this, use your holographic glitter as a eyeliner. If your using a loose glitter, make sure to have a impecable hard bristled eyeliner brush to dip into your base. Make a clean straight line just like you would any other eyeliner, then dip same brush into your glitter and apply over your glitter base eyeliner line. Or you can go for the super easy no mess no frills already prepared glitter eyeliner products! Usually though, you will not get as bright and bold of a look as when you use a loose glitter. But way easier that’s for sure! This look is awesome b/c it looks cool on the top or the bottom! Try it out and receive looks and compliments galore!!!!!!


  1. Holographic Lip Magic! 

Holographic Lipgloss is my absolute fave holographic beauty product out there so far! You can always wear it alone, (depending on what brand and color you are wearing, it can be the perfect replacement for a everyday lipgloss) but to get a serious dramatic look layer it over a liquid lipstick formula. Liquid lipstick usually dries a lot harsher than most regular lipsticks and works really well with holographic lip glosses. Plus, liquid lipsticks adhere more firmly to your lips than regular lipsticks usually do. This allows the gloss to just sit on top rather than mixing with your base lip product. The flatter your lipstick dries, the smoother and more even your holographic lip gloss will come out!


  1. All out Holographic!!!! 

  1. This is all you can get!!!! All about the extreme! Grab all the Holographic Beauty Products you own and apply them all in one look! Bold eyebrows, highlighted cheeks and holographic lips is what I ended up with! How will your – All you can get Holographic Beauty Look turn out!? Grab your Holo Makeup and have a Hay Day Bae! 😉

So, how is Holographic fitting into the beauty industry now? Well, originally, holography was/is a method of photography that uses varying beams of light to give relief to an image and changing the way it looked.  Applied to make-up however, the principle of holography offers a world  of possibilities! Holographic makeup has already popped up in so many different ways from varying shades of products and just a plain holographic finish on products!  Depending on the position of the light , the color of the makeup is supposed to vary, the main culprits usually being between a lime ish green and a dark purple /violet with the finish of a glitter or shimmer gold. Results being? A beautiful and wonderfully surprising makeup that gives us a futuristic style and personality to our make-up that makeup lovers have gone wild over! Especially being a hit with the millennials! Being proven by our social networks, the trend is setting instagram on fire! And not only has invaded our eyelids, but also our nails, cheeks … and our lips! So now is the time my holographic beauty lovin friends…. Join your local Unicorn Squad and your iphone for selfies because this trend is going to get bigger, and bigger, AND bigger, AND BIGGER….. 😉